Buying and Price notes...


The photographs exhibited on our site may be used for personal needs, for printing promotional material or for promotional events and other objectives depending on the nature of the need. By purchasing a photography you are entitled with the right to use the photography for your own private needs, local, non-commercial use, but not the right to copy, use or distribute to third parties. To use the photography for promotional purposes, requires written consent of OHRIDMACEDONIA.MK

The price of the photograps are various, ranged and depends on required format adapted to the specific dimensions available as editioned prints on ultraHD Photo Print Fuji Crystal DP II, on Kodak Pro Endura, on Kodak Metallic, on Ilford B/W paper or on baryta photo paper as the basis for quality and good resolution of the print. The photographs are signed with official label which proves certificate of authenticity. We have to point out that the mail cost is not included in the price. However, according to the need, that is, the photography purpose, the price varies. Your order of the photograps in digital format аrе delivered in tiff format.

(size in cm)

  • 45 x 30    35 €
    60 x 40    40 €
    75 x 50    45 €
    90 x 60    55 €
    105 x 70   65 €
    120 x 80   80 €
    150 x 100  115 €
    180 x 120  155 €

Please send your information on our official e-mail: Thank you for your understanding.

The price of the pocket photopublication “OHRID - ON THE SHORES OF THE ETERNAL LAKE” is $24.15 available at Amazon